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Welcome to gBrain, a proactive and innovative
R&D center established in Songdo of Incheon,
a representative Korea international city.

Our goals are to pursue world-renowned brain research and promote innovative, biomedical products to improve people's quality of lives. Now, the gBrain is being recognized and growing as a R&D unit of graphene based biomedical products in Korea and Hong Kong. Our company is designed to promote sourceful thinking, original discoveries and innovative products by integrating biomedical materials into research and clinics at all levels. We firstly established several types of biocompatible graphene-based multichannels electrodes that enable the recording and stimulation of brain activities. More user-friendly, biomedical products will come soon after full compromise of biosafety tests. I invite you to explore our research and products via a virtual tour of our website and visit in person. You will be impressed by the harmony of our innovative research and development with modern technologies.

August, 2019

CEO of gBrain Sunggu Yang