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G-Brain Philosophy

Alternative Thinking makes “INNOVATION”

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To Develop and Universalize Brain Research and Industrial Technology

G-Brain, a global company guided by many biomedical research experts, aims to provide the most effective brain machine interface for research professionals and human patients


To Become an Innovative Company Leading the World's Brain Science Market

Our vision is to become a leading company in the brain science industry. For our vision, we will provide highly accessible, effective diagnosis & treatment systems for alleviation of brain diseases.


G-Brain History

Aug.  Establishment of G-Brain Corporation
Jun.  Selected to carry out the Ministry of SMEs and start-up business
Development of the diagnostic and therapeutic MEA systems for tinnitus and parkinson’s diseases6  Sep.
Publications and Patents filed for Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment using a graphene based MEA  Jan.
Mar.  Initiation of diagnostic and therapeutic researches for brain diseases